Disera Speed Academy

Over a decade of high performance sport has taught the Disera Brothers the ins and outs of XC mountain biking. Whether it be training for World Championships, wanting to improve your time on a KOM or learn how to get the most out of yourself, we can help along your cycling journey.

The Disera Speed Academy is a unique approach to cycling. Riding, racing, shredding – it all shares the pursuit of speed. Training plans are a part of everyone’s coaching programs, but our duel layered approach makes sure you have a coach and a trainer. Coaching to improve your skill sets, high performance mindset and perfecting your craft. Training to elevate your physiology to match your goals, prime you for events and give you training structure.


  • Training plans, structure towards your goals and around your life
  • Event/race focused, perform at your best
  • Balance, scheduled to optimize the plan around your busy life


  • Craft, how to get the most out of your physiology
  • Skills, how to prepare for an event, what to look for, what to focus on, how to optimize energy
  • Equipment optimization, how to ensure success, having an edge over your competition
  • Experience, tips and tricks to accelerate your development
  • High Performance, expectations of an HP athlete, and how to get there

These coaching topics are delivered in biweekly – monthly web calls with all athletes. By curating a team environment, athletes will feel empowered to learn from their peers, Coach Peter and generate thought provoking conversation. The goal of these seminars will be to accelerate athletes’ development and educate them on all aspects of HP cycling.

Packages: we want you to have what you need.

  • Quick: Training Plan – personalized, around your goals
  • Fast: Coaching & Training Plan – Learn, train, execute your goals
  • Turbo: Coach Feedback, Race Plans, Coaching & Training Plan – High performance approach to key events and goals, frequent coach / athlete communication, dynamic, result / performance focused

What package is right for you?

All athletes looking to become a part of the DSA will be required to fill out a questionnaire. This is so we can get to know you, your existing knowledge and experience. Programs will require varying amounts of commitment, we will work with you to build the best plan around your existing schedule. The Quick program requires 6 week minimum commitment to better allow us to build a quality plan. The Fast program requires a 6 month minimum commitment – to be used to develop as an athlete and towards a season’s goal. For those involved in the Turbo program, this program is a 12 month commitment for athletes riding/racing full seasons and focused on multiple goals.